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Title: ATS Mega Map for 1.4.x
Post by: Hurkulez on November 15, 2016, 01:30:37 am
Grandiose map of North and South America with the islands and continents.
The structure MEGA Map, includes almost all known to date, the content of many maps.
Location of files in the manager, shown in the screenshot.

Fixed a crash in the city of Sacramento
Fixed found bugs
Fixed many errors arose when combining maps

Only use this map set in the profile.

Extract archives 7zip, The resulting files – scs, put it in a folder – mod and connect to the manager according to the screenshot.

ATS version 1.4.x

Download all 3 parts. (1 at a time)

Authors: hugoces, Erick Sandeb, Mario, ManiaX, Mantrid, MsHeavyAlex, Team Maps EAA, voldemar56, losevo58.

ATS Mega Map Part 1 for 1.4.x;sa=view;down=150 (;sa=view;down=150)

ATS Mega Map Part 2 for 1.4.x;sa=view;down=149 (;sa=view;down=149)

ATS Mega Map Part 3 for 1.4.x;sa=view;down=148 (;sa=view;down=148)